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James Booker

I’ve heard the name a hundred times but only recently did I discover the music of James Booker.  If Ray Charles was a genius, then Booker was a brain surgeon.  If Harry Connick Jr. is an artist, then Booker was da Vinci.  Seriously, this guy is phenomenal.  But Booker wasn’t just a jazz pianist, he played blues, gospel, latin, and classical.  Singer-Songwriter?  He did that too.  Even Ben Folds admits to being influenced by James Booker in his iTunes celebrity playlist.

I have a few friends (Dénes Dosztán, I’m sorry) that would kill me for waiting so late to ‘discover’ James Booker but, in my defense, he really is underplayed and underrecognized as the giant that he was.  A little gospel, a little classical virtuoso, a little jazz and blues, a little latin, more drugs and alcohol than most rock stars dream of, a lot of New Orleans and all legend.