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Just finished my first season as a whitewater guide. After a summer of patchy satellite internet connections and relying on the New Yorker magazine and the Clearwater Progress (a local weekly) for all my news, I’m back to civilization. Even with outside interaction, Idaho is a tough place to leave. The state is 68% wilderness and contains the largest wilderness area in the lower 48. It’s a hauntingly beautiful and wild state that still is, in many ways, the American frontier. And hey, the salmon’s great too (the blog title is an pro-salmon, anti-dam Idaho bumper sticker).

Seemed like the right time to freshen up the blog. I’ll be spending the next 8 days driving across the country from East to West and will try and get some posts (and pictures) in from some great outdoor destinations (Moab, Yellowstone, and rafting the Rogue are on the list so far). All the best, and I’ll be back soon.